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Exam Preview

Over the Counter (OTC) Hearing Aids: Misperceptions and Misinformation

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1.  The FDA is responsible for ensuring which of the following for medical devices, including hearing aids?
  1. Safety
  2. Efficacy
  3. Pricing
  4. Both A & B
2.  Under the FDA regulations, OTC hearing aids are defined as which of the following?
  1. OTC hearing aids
  2. Personal Sound Amplification Products
  3. Self-fit OTC hearing aids
  4. Both A & C
3.  Hearing professionals can purchase OTC devices from which of the following sources?
  1. Online sellers
  2. Current prescription device manufacturer
  3. They can purchase anywhere
  4. All of the above
4.  The FDA regulations require the following standard for testing OTC devices:
  1. ANSI S4.1
  2. ANSI/CTA-2051:2017
  3. ANSI/ASA S3.22-2009
  4. None of the above
5.  Self-Fit OTC devices can be adjusted or customized by:
  1. The consumer that purchases the devices
  2. Any hearing professional
  3. The seller of the OTC devices
  4. All of the above

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