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Your Care Anywhere: Remote Assist for Nucleus

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1.  Which of the following is a good method for determining which of your patients has the technological capability to handle a Remote Assist session?
  1. Excluding all elderly patients
  2. Asking a patient if they like and use their Smartphone and/or if they’ve ever used FaceTime
  3. Asking a patient if they have a Nucleus 22 device
  4. Using their score on the SSQ
2.  Remote Assist can contribute to patient-centered care because it:
  1. Provides an option for a different type of care for patients who want or need to receive care outside the clinic
  2. Ensures every patient gets the same type of care
  3. Utilizes innovative and secure technology
  4. Cannot be used with most patients
3.  Which of the following tasks CANNOT be completed using Remote Assist?
  1. Global adjustments, including Master Volume, Bass and Treble
  2. Activation of manual Forward Focus
  3. Individual T and C level measurements
  4. Counseling of the patient through videoconference
4.  All of the following are patients who might benefit from Remote Assist EXCEPT:
  1. An adult recipient who recently upgraded to a Nucleus 8 and feels her MAP is a bit too loud and sharp
  2. An elderly Nucleus 8 recipient who is between visits one month after activation and feels they need more loudness and also can’t remember what you told them about rehabilitation practice
  3. A teenager who is due for her annual visit while she is away at college who uses a Nucleus 7
  4. A Nucleus 7 recipient who has fluctuating impedances and frequently needs re-measurement of T and C levels
5.  Cochlear Remote Assist requires the patient to have which of the following?
  1. A Nucleus 22 implant or later
  2. Firmware from Custom Sound Pro fitting software 6.3 or later
  3. A device that is older than a Nucleus 7
  4. A Google Pixel 8 phone

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