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Exam Preview

Your Care Anywhere: Remote Check for Nucleus

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1.  Which of the following is NOT a patient who could benefit from Remote Check?
  1. An elderly patient who lives a long way from the clinic and is due for their annual check-up
  2. A teenage patient who has not been seen at the clinic in quite some time but is due for an annual check-up
  3. A patient who had a sudden change in hearing and is unsure what to do next
  4. A patient who calls in to the clinic asking for a MAPping visit
2.  Which of the following Remote Check Activities are not specifically selected by the clinician, but are run with every Remote Check session?
  1. Aided Threshold Test (ATT) and Implant Site Photos
  2. Impedances and Datalogging
  3. The Speech, Spatial and Qualities of Hearing Scale (SSQ)
  4. A pediatric speech in noise test
3.  A patient calls in and reports they are not hearing as well as they have in the past and you decide to send them a Remote Check to triage their complaint. What is the most important piece of information for you to know to be able to interpret their results?
  1. What the mean score for the Digit Triplet Test (DTT) was in our clinical trial
  2. Whether they are using an Apple or Android phone
  3. Whether they have a Nucleus 7 or Nucleus 8 sound processor
  4. What their baseline performance was on Remote Check Activities, such as the questionnaire and Digit Triplet Test (DTT)
4.  Which of the following reflects how Remote Check and Remote Assist may be used together for patient care?
  1. Some patients can only have Remote Check and some can only have Remote Assist
  2. Only pediatric patients can use Remote Assist but both pediatric and adult patients can use Remote Assist
  3. Remote Check can be used to triage which patients don’t need follow up, which may be served with a Remote Assist session and which may need a visit into the clinic
  4. Remote Check and Remote Assist are not designed to work together
5.  The Digit Triplet Test (DTT) assesses which of the following?
  1. Speech understanding in background noise
  2. Speech understanding in quiet
  3. Audiometric thresholds
  4. Subjective patient performance

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