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Exam Preview

Cognition and Audition: A Deeper Dive

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1.  Hearing is ___________. Listening is ___________.
  1. Perceiving, Comprehending
  2. Thinking, Analyzing
  3. Comprehending, Perceiving
  4. Perceiving, Visualizing
2.  Speech in Noise Tests are advocated for within which two national Best Practice statements?
  1. American Automobile Association and Hearing Loss Association of America
  2. American Academy of Audiology and American Speech Language Hearing Assoc
  3. American Medical Assoc and the American Automobile Association
  4. The US Congress and the US Senate
3.  Cognition might also be defined as ___________.
  1. Informational decision analysis
  2. Communication attributes
  3. Information processing
  4. Sensory analysis
4.  Cognition can be defined as “How people ___________.”
  1. Learn, Perceive, Remember, Think
  2. Think, Act, Incubate, Apologize
  3. Respond and Learn
  4. Incorporate their thoughts and knowledge
5.  Which of the following is correct?
  1. Cognitive screeners can diagnose cognitive problems
  2. Cognitive screeners can diagnose mild cognitive impairment
  3. Cognitive screeners can generally rule out cognitive concerns
  4. Cognitive screeners are diagnostic

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