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Exam Preview

Neurocognitive Brain Changes in Hearing Loss, in partnership with American Auditory Society

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1.  Cross-modal plasticity in hearing loss occurs:
  1. From the visual modality
  2. From the somatosensory modality
  3. In mild-moderate hearing loss
  4. All of the above
2.  Which additional brain areas are recruited in mild-moderate hearing loss for speech processing?
  1. Frontal and prefrontal cortex
  2. Hippocampal cortex
  3. Parahippocampal cortex
  4. Rhinal cortex
3.  Mild-moderate age-related hearing loss may result in which of the following?
  1. Cross-modal recruitment from vision
  2. Frontal and pre-frontal activation
  3. Decreased stimulation of auditory cortical areas
  4. All of the above
4.  Cross-modal re-organization in mild-moderate hearing loss can be reversed by which of the following?
  1. Microsurgery
  2. Appropriate fitting of hearing aids
  3. A period of sensory deprivation
  4. By social emotional therapy
5.  Increased cross-modal plasticity in hearing loss is typically associated with _________ speech perception in noise.
  1. Better
  2. Worse
  3. No change
  4. None of the above

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