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Exam Preview

Visually Induced Dizziness

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1.  Vestibular rehabilitation for visually induced dizziness has been successful in which cohort of patients?
  1. Aging Population
  2. Athletes
  3. Post Concussion
  4. All of the above
2.  Visually Induced Dizziness affects patients with:
  1. Peripheral Vestibular Conditions
  2. Central Vestibular Conditions
  3. Vestibular Migraine
  4. Patients with Central and Peripheral Conditions can also have visually induced dizziness
3.  A patient with visually induced dizziness is most likely to describe which of the following?
  1. Busy crowds worsen symptoms
  2. Closing eyes worsens symptoms
  3. Looking at lights relieves symptoms
  4. Rolling over in bed worsens symptoms
4.  What does OPK stand for?
  1. Optikal
  2. Optokinetic
  3. Optokinethesia
  4. Ocular Photo Kinetic
5.  What is the name of one of the assessment tools for Visual Vertigo?
  1. Visual Vertigo Handicap Inventory
  2. Visual Vertigo Benefit Score
  3. Visual Vertigo Analogue Scale
  4. Visual Vertigo Rehabilitation Questionnaire

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