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Experiencing the Real Sounds of Life

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1.  Oticon’s newest product family is available in how many performance levels?
  1. One
  2. Two
  3. Three
  4. Four
2.  Oticon’s newest product family offers one additional color not previously available for which style only?
  1. miniRITE T
  2. miniRITE R
  3. miniBTE T
  4. miniBTE R
3.  The DNN is part of which Oticon BrainHearing™ feature?
  1. MoreSound Amplifier
  2. MoreSound Intelligence
  3. MoreSound Optimizer
  4. MoreSound Extender
4.  What was Oticon’s first hearing aid with an onboard Deep Neural Network?
  1. Oticon Opn
  2. Oticon Opn S
  3. Oticon More
  4. Oticon Own
5.  Oticon’s TwinLink™ technology consists of which of the following?
  1. Near Field Magnetic Induction & Bluetooth Low Energy
  2. Near Field Magnetic Induction & Bluetooth Classic
  3. Far Field Magnetic Induction & Bluetooth Low Energy
  4. Far Field Magnetic Injection & Bluetooth Low Energy Classic

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