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Exam Preview

Radiant SE: Beyond Brilliant

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1.  Which of the following is NOT a new sound focused feature for Radiant SE?
  1. MySpeech Analyzer
  2. Voice Alerts
  3. Impulse Noise Reduction Pro
  4. Feedback Manager
2.  The Radian WindHandling Pro algorithm is placed __________ the microphone in the hearing aid assembly.
  1. Before
  2. In the middle of
  3. After
  4. On top of
3.  The Radian WindHandling Pro algorithm improves ___________ by a higher level than the previous wind program.
  1. SNR
  2. DNR
  3. speech recognition ability
  4. microphone performance
4.  Impulse Noise Reduction Pro provides what amount of reduction of impulse sounds at the highest setting for the highest technology level of Radiant SE?
  1. Very high
  2. 30 dB
  3. 15 dB
  4. 45 dB
5.  What is the purpose of the MySpeech Analyzer tool?
  1. To analyze speech
  2. To provide a picture of what sound environments the patient is typically in
  3. To prompt the patient when their hearing aid battery is low
  4. To provide greater awareness into the patient’s communication in quiet and noise

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