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Exam Preview

A Guided Tour of Signia Connexx 9.9

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1.  Which statement is FALSE regarding performing a first fit in Connexx 9.9?
  1. Running critical gain is a required step
  2. There are 3 experience levels to choose from in the first fit process
  3. A successful first fit is denoted by a green checkmark in the software
  4. Changing the acoustical parameters to match the dome or mold type is a best practice
2.  Which statement is true regarding Dynamic Soundscape Processing?
  1. It is fixed and cannot be adjusted
  2. Adapts ONLY directionality
  3. The default setting for DSP 2.0 at first fit is Balance
  4. The Awareness setting applies more directionality and noise reduction
3.  Which Signia technology feature detects when the patient is speaking and improves sound quality perception of the patient’s voice?
  1. Noise reduction
  2. Own Voice Processing 2.0
  3. Frequency Compression
  4. Acclimatization Manager
4.  Why is choosing the acoustical parameter a critical step in an optimal first fit?
  1. It applies the correct statistical critical gain limits
  2. It determines optimal gain targets
  3. It determines the default settings for streamed audio
  4. All of the above
5.  Which is a necessary step to activate Own Voice Processing 2.0?
  1. Perform measurement/training in Own Voice Processing tab
  2. Nothing, OVP is activated automatically
  3. Perform critical gain measurement
  4. Fit Insio AX hearing aids

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