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20Q: Tinnitus — Options for Clinical Evaluation and Treatment

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1.  Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for tinnitus:
  1. Is proven to be superior to all other methods of treatment for tinnitus
  2. Has the strongest evidence for tinnitus treatment in the scientific literature
  3. Is appropriate for full delivery by audiologists
  4. Has been shown to be less effective than Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT)
2.  Tinnitus psychoacoustic measures:
  1. Objectively quantify the auditory attributes of tinnitus
  2. Are helpful in determining treatment needs
  3. Are the best means of determining the severity of tinnitus
  4. Have little if any value for clinical utilization
3.  Somatosensory tinnitus:
  1. Is the same thing as somatic tinnitus (somatosounds)
  2. Is a subtype of secondary tinnitus
  3. Is a subtype of primary tinnitus
  4. Is not associated with somatic disorders
4.  If someone claims to have tinnitus:
  1. It may or may not be a health condition requiring clinical services
  2. It is never assumed to be constant tinnitus
  3. It is always assumed to be constant tinnitus
  4. It must be constant to be considered a health condition
5.  What should the recommended assessment for the typical patient who likely has primary tinnitus include?
  1. Medical history, audiologic evaluation, and complete the Tinnitus Functional Index
  2. Medical history, audiologic evaluation, and complete the Tinnitus and Hearing Survey
  3. Psychoacoustic measures of tinnitus and a validated tinnitus questionnaire
  4. Otoacoustic emissions testing, psychoacoustic measures of tinnitus, and a validated

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