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Hearing Aid Verification: Tools and Techniques to Simplify the Process, Save Time, and Improve Patient Outcomes

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1.  Which of the following outcomes is verification NOT associated with?
  1. Improved audibility
  2. Reduced number of fitting visits to a successful fitting
  3. Improved listening outcomes
  4. Decreased client satisfaction
2.  A properly positioned probe tube should have the tip:
  1. Within 8mm of the eardrum
  2. Within 5mm of the ear canal entrance
  3. Within 10mm of the eardrum
  4. Within 5mm of the eardrum
3.  Which of the following is true about ProbeGUIDE?
  1. Requires specialized hardware
  2. Requires an additional software license
  3. Considers the location of standing waves relative to an acoustic model
  4. Eliminates the need for otoscopy
4.  Simulated real-ear measurement (S-REM) can be used for which of the following?
  1. Pediatric hearing aid fittings only
  2. Non-vented fittings only
  3. Adult hearing aid fittings only
  4. Pre-fitting a hearing aid
5.  Which of the following is true of AutoREMfits?
  1. Assist with probe tube placement
  2. Require REUG measurements
  3. Significantly improve verified match-to-target in less time
  4. Require Noah

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