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Exam Preview

Mastering the Artistry of Custom Ear Impressions

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1.  Which type of material is recommended for ear impressions?
  1. Methyl Methacrylate
  2. Foam
  3. Silicone
  4. Putty
2.  Cotton Otoblocks:
  1. Provide the greatest information of the ear anatomy
  2. Are difficult to modify and customize for each ear
  3. Are rigid and unforgiving
  4. Are more shallow than foam otoblocks
3.  A ______________ viscosity material has a softer consistency and flows more easily when injected.
  1. Higher
  2. Smoother
  3. Lower
  4. Firm
4.  What is the first step in the ear impression process?
  1. Impression specific case history
  2. Otoscopic examination
  3. Otoblock placement
  4. Impression material injection
5.  What is the final step in ensuring a high quality ear impression?
  1. Removing the impression
  2. Replacing the otoblock
  3. Examine the impression for quality
  4. Shipping to the manufacturer

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