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Exam Preview

WideBand Tympanometry: Implementation and Interpretation

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1.  WideBand Tympanometry uses ________ probe tone to measure the initial tympanogram.
  1. 226 Hz
  2. 678 Hz
  3. 1000 Hz
  4. Click
2.  Example Absorbance tracings included on the TympStar Pro are:
  1. ME Effusion, Otosclerosis, Discontinuity
  2. SSCD, Meniere’s, Acoustic Tumor
  3. Mastoiditis, Glomus Tumor, Negative Pressure
  4. There are no example tracings
3.  What is the inverse of absorbance?
  1. Impedance
  2. Reflectance
  3. Susceptance
  4. Conductance
4.  Which of the following is true of Wideband Tympanometry?
  1. Has not been peer reviewed and should be used with caution
  2. Is a brand new test for middle ear testing
  3. Has been tested and validated with normative data based on age
  4. Should not be used on infants under 6 months
5.  GSI TympStar Pro includes norms for WideBand Tympanometry for which of the following age groups of patients?
  1. Infants and adolescents
  2. Adolescents and adults
  3. Infants, youth, and adults
  4. There are no norms on the TympStar Pro

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