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1.  Which directional strategy is used in ReSound OMNIA premium hearing aids?
  1. All Access directionality
  2. 360 All-Around
  3. Binaural Directionality III
  4. Binaural Directionality
2.  Natural own voice perception is preserved by which of the following?
  1. Low frequency omnidirectionality
  2. Mid frequency bilateral beamforming
  3. High frequency fixed directionality
  4. Impulse Nosie Reduction
3.  What number is embossed in the charging bay of the Premium charger to identify its use for Mini RIE 60 hearing aids?
  1. 1
  2. 3
  3. 6
  4. 9
4.  Which ReSound OMNIA model can be configured in the fitting software to use either a plastic earhook (power) or metal earhook (high power) option?
  1. Mini RIE (RU60-DWRC)
  2. BTE (RU77-DWC)
  3. PBTE (RU88-DWC)
5.  Which ReSound OMNIA hearing aid styles support push-to-assign functionality?
  1. RIEs and wireless customs
  2. RIEs and BTEs
  3. RIEs and non-wireless customs
  4. Wireless customs and BTEs

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