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Exam Preview

Patient-Focused Wireless Accessories

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1.  The _______________ is an all-in-one accessory that allows patients access to a companion microphone, Bluetooth connectivity, FM plug in, line-in jack and telecoil.
  1. TV Streamer
  2. Table Microphone
  3. Mini Microphone
  4. Remote Mic+
2.  How many Starkey 2.4GHz hearing aids can be paired and stream to the TV streamer?
  1. 1 pair
  2. 10 pair
  3. Unlimited number
  4. 50 pair
3.  How can Starkey 2.4GHz hearing aids be paired with wireless accessories?
  1. Both inside or outside of the Inspire fitting software
  2. Hearing aids must be connected to Inspire fitting software
  3. Accessories must be paired once the hearing aids are no longer connected to Inspire fitting software
  4. Hearing aids must be physically connected to the accessories for pairing
4.  Which of the following is NOT a use case for the Table Microphone?
  1. One on one conversations
  2. Remote control of the hearing aids
  3. Group meetings
  4. Streaming from television via audio jack
5.  Which of the following is NOT a reason to recommend a remote microphone?
  1. Good SNR scores
  2. Poor word discrimination
  3. Trouble hearing passengers in the car
  4. Trouble hearing a presenter at an event

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