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Exam Preview

Staff Burnout: How to Engage, Retain, Build your Practice in Today’s Job Market

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1.  What is one way to improve healthcare worker burnout?
  1. Empower staff through training
  2. Provide free meals
  3. Require more certifications/accreditations
  4. Increase office hours
2.  Which of the following best describes the current healthcare employee landscape?
  1. Healthcare professionals across the whole industry are experiencing alarming levels of burnout and emotional exhaustion
  2. Only office staff are feeling burnout; not physicians
  3. Burnout is easily fixed
  4. Employees feel they are not fairly compensated
3.  What is one serious issue with employee burnout?
  1. Employees put in more effort
  2. Employee burnout can compromise patient care
  3. Employees decline training opportunities
  4. Employers can manage employee burnout
4.  What are the three essential steps discussed in Kasey Compton’s book “Fix This Next for Healthcare Providers”?
  1. Treat, diagnose, offer solutions
  2. Create a treatment plan, design interventions, level up your practice
  3. Study, review, and fix
  4. Fix your financials, provide treatment, patient care
5.  What is one way that CareCredit can alleviate staff burnout?
  1. They require more financial conversations
  2. They require people to download more apps
  3. They provide financial assistance
  4. It can help make financial conversations easier and more productive

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