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Exam Preview

The Complete Beltone Achieve Family for Improved Hearing in Noise

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1.  Which product(s) are NOT in our updated Beltone Achieve product portfolio?
  1. Rechargeable miniRIE
  2. Rechargeable custom
  3. Rechargeable BTE and Power BTE
  4. Rechargeable CIC
2.  Which has the correct directionality types for a Beltone Achieve 17 with directional microphones?
  1. CrossLink Directionality 3 and Ultra Focus 2
  2. CrossLink Directionality 3 and Ultra Focus
  3. CrossLink Directionality 4 and Ultra Focus 2
  4. CrossLink Directionality 3 and Ultra Focus
3.  Push to assign will be available on which product(s)?
  1. All Beltone Achieve RIEs
  2. All Beltone Achieve BTEs
  3. Beltone Achieve custom rechargeable
  4. All the above
  5. Both A and C
4.  A T-coil is available on which Beltone Achieve style(s)?
  1. 76 and 86 BTEs
  2. Custom rechargeable
  3. 62 miniRIE
  4. 64 RIE
  5. Both A and D
5.  CrossLink Directionality 4 provides the patient with what benefit?
  1. Consistence volume in any environment
  2. 150% improvement in speech understanding in noise
  3. Reduces annoying background sounds
  4. Allows the patient to gradually adjust to amplification

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