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What Can Your Eyes Tell You About Your Ears?

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1.  What type of clinical research has the highest impact in terms of scientific merit?
  1. Prospective case series
  2. Literature review
  3. Systematic review & meta-analysis
  4. Case report
2.  Which two fundamental principles serve as the basis of bone anchored hearing implants?
  1. Osseointegration and bone conduction hearing
  2. Implant stability and survival
  3. Air conduction hearing and sound propagation
  4. Trauma and lack of osseointegration
3.  When the auditory implant user demonstrates an increase in pupil dilation, what does this mean?
  1. Increased correct answers
  2. Increased listening effort
  3. Sign of giving up
  4. Decreased interest
4.  During a pupillometry study, when is pupil dilation the largest?
  1. During the listening phase
  2. During the retaining phase
  3. During the repeating phase
  4. At the start of the study
5.  Which of the following directly correlated with improved speech intelligibility?
  1. Decrease in pupil dilation
  2. Increased prescribed gain
  3. Increased volume
  4. Increased number of correct words repeated

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