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Exam Preview

Signia Government Services: May 2023 Contract Update

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1.  When wearing AX hearing aids utilizing split processing, what is a common wearer experience?
  1. Ambient sounds are equal to speech
  2. Ambient sounds are louder than speech
  3. Speech stands out at the same time ambient sounds are natural
  4. There is no difference compared previous hearing aid technology
2.  Which of the following statements is true regarding Augmented Focus?
  1. It is able to directly stream to Apple products only
  2. The input of the hearing aid is split into two signal streams
  3. Directional microphones are no longer needed
  4. OVP is no longer utilized
3.  Which AX hearing aid is available in Desert Camo and Forrest Camo, exclusively for Government Services?
  1. Pure Charge&Go T AX
  2. Insio Charge&Go
  3. Pure 312 AX
  4. Styletto AX
4.  Enhancements to the AX platform can be implemented to past AX fittings by doing which of the following?
  1. Returning the aids to Signia
  2. Recalculating the First Fit
  3. Updating the Firmware
  4. Not possible - upgrades are not backwards compatible
5.  Improved Soundscape Processing increases the processing support for speech understanding by utilizing information from which of the following?
  1. Own Voice Processing 2.0
  2. Auto EchoShield
  3. Audio Streaming
  4. HandsFree IOS

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