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Signia Government Services: May 2023 Connexx 9.9 Fitting Software Tour

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1.  To First Fit a Signia AX hearing aid, which option is not required?
  1. Selecting the Acoustic Parameters
  2. Conducting the Feedback Test
  3. Clicking on the First Fit button
  4. Selecting the Fitting Formula
2.  Own Voice Processing 2.0 is recommended to be completed at what point in the fitting session?
  1. At First Fit
  2. Prior to the patient being fit
  3. Never
  4. At follow up
3.  After training for OVP 2.0, the OVP setting defaults to:
  1. Minimum setting
  2. Medium setting
  3. Maximum setting
  4. Off, it needs to be checked to be activated
4.  Listening support can be adjusted to increase/reduce directionality and noise reduction under the _______ tab.
  1. Configuration
  2. First Fit
  3. Personalization
  4. Dynamic Soundscape Processing 2.0
5.  The Dynamic Soundscape Processing 2.0 tab allows you to adjust:
  1. Auto EchoShield
  2. MPO
  3. Audio Streaming
  4. Sound Equalizer

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