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Exam Preview

Hearing Conservation: Safety for a Loud World

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1.  What percentage of teens admit to participating in activities they know may damage their hearing?
  1. 88%
  2. 60%
  3. 10%
  4. 100%
2.  The ____________ shows the range of protection expected from a hearing protection device in normal usage.
  1. Occupational Audiology Predictive Rating
  2. Noise Reduction Rating
  3. Sound Level Meter
  4. Noise Rising Review
3.  Clinical participation of noise induced hearing loss often includes which of the following?
  1. Aural fullness and dizziness
  2. History of ototoxic medication use
  3. Case history of noise exposure, audiometric notch around 4 KHz, and complaints of tinnitus
  4. Workplace head/neck injury and tinnitus
4.  Which of the following hearing protection devices are NOT considered "specialty hearing protectors"?
  1. Musician's earplugs
  2. Level-dependent hearing protectors
  3. Active noise cancellation headphones
  4. Foam earplugs
5.  When scheduling a hearing conservation-related hearing evaluation, it is helpful for hearing professionals to request what information?
  1. Listing of previous hearing aid purchases
  2. A complete job history
  3. All past audiometric tests
  4. Make and model of all power tools used in the home

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