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Exam Preview

On-Ear and Test Box Verification of Open Fittings

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1.  According data, what percentage of U.S. hearing aid sales in 2021 were RIC style devices?
  1. 21%
  2. 51%
  3. 81%
  4. 100%
2.  Which of the following was NOT identified as an acoustic consideration regarding open fittings?
  1. Vent effects
  2. Tubing length
  3. Ear canal properties
  4. Acoustic pathways
3.  What is the rationale of using stored equalization prior to on-ear open fitting verification?
  1. It overcomes head shadow effects
  2. It makes the equalization procedure faster
  3. It eliminates the risk of patient fatigue
  4. It eliminates the risk of having the calibration pulse amplified by the hearing aid during the equalization procedure
4.  Which of the following WAS NOT discussed as a method to verify the open-ness of a fitting?
  1. REUR vs. REOR
  2. Probe tube calibration
  3. Occlusion effect test
  4. None of these
5.  Which three computations are used to convert coupler measurements to Simulate On-Ear measurement?
  1. Probe tube calibration, WRECD and tympanometry
  2. WRECD, Microphone location effects and probe tube calibration
  3. WRECD, microphone location effects and REUR
  4. WRECD, microphone location effects and vent correction

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