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Exam Preview

Phonak Pediatric Roger Solutions: At Home and in School

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1.  _________ is the adaptive digital wireless standard that offers speech understanding in noise by improving the signal-to-noise ratio.
  1. Roger
  2. Paradise
  3. Marvel
  4. None of the above
2.  The Roger for Education portfolio includes which of the following?
  1. RemoteControl
  2. Roger Pen
  3. Roger Pass-around mic
  4. myPhonak app
3.  The Roger Touchscreen mic has which of the following modes?
  1. Table, lanyard, pointing modes
  2. Lanyard mode only
  3. Pointing and table mode
  4. Table and lanyard mode
4.  The Roger for Home portfolio includes which of the following?
  1. TV Connector
  2. Roger On
  3. RemoteControl
  4. myPhonak app
5.  What is the Roger soundfield solution called?
  1. mySpeaker
  2. Roger for all
  3. Loud and Clear
  4. Digimaster V2

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