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Exam Preview

Genesis AI: Technology for All Day Wear

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1.  Which of the following hearing aids are NOT compatible with StarLink accessories?
  1. Genesis AI
  2. Z Series
  3. Evolv AI
  4. Livio AI
2.  Which Genesis AI style includes a telecoil?
  1. RIC RT
  2. mRIC R
  3. IIC
  4. ITC
3.  Which StarLink charger is the best option if the user wants an on-board battery?
  1. StarLink Charger
  2. Evolv AI Charger
  3. Livio AI Charger
  4. StarLink Premium Mini Charger
4.  Which of the following is NOT a feature of the Snap Fit 2.0 Receiver design?
  1. Kevlar reinforcement to ensure cables are robust
  2. Recessed connection to improve aesthetics and increase moisture protection
  3. Increased pliability allows it to conform more easily to each patient's ear shape
  4. All receiver cables are the same length to make sizing more uniform
5.  Which of the following is a benefit of the Genesis AI RIC design including microphone port openings that are integrated into the case?
  1. Microphone covers are no longer necessary
  2. Earbuds are no longer necessary
  3. Ussers can use the hearing aid microphones for phone calls
  4. Users can hear quiet conversation from across the room

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