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Exam Preview

ReSound OMNIA: Introducing the Full Family

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1.  Which ReSound OMNIA devices have built-in Telecoils to make them compatible with loop systems?
  1. Mini Receiver-in-ear only
  2. BTE and PBTE only
  3. BTE, PBTE, and RIE-13
  4. CIC only
2.  ReSound OMNIA utilizing Front Focus can provide how much improvement to speech understanding in noisy environments compared to omnidirectional microphone settings?
  1. +8.6 dB SNR better than omni
  2. +4.2 dB SNR better than omni
  3. +4.4 dB SNR better than omni
  4. No improvement over omnidirectional response
3.  ReSound Smart Fit 1.16 introduces which feature to custom models, excluding CICs?
  1. DFS calibration
  2. In-Situ testing
  3. Frequency Compression
  4. Acceptance Manager
4.  How does the 360 All-Around program provide speech in noise benefits while maintaining environmental awareness?
  1. Utilizing an omnidirectional directional response across all frequencies
  2. Using only a front-facing beamformer across all frequencies
  3. Sleek hardware design
  4. Band-split directionality combined with a bilateral beamformer
5.  ReSound Smart Fit 1.16 introduces new options for the Recalculate function. What are the new options?
  1. Resetting Gains/MPO only to target or resetting gains/MPO and the Advanced Features to default
  2. Resetting the patient experience level to default
  3. Resetting the experience level or the percent of target
  4. Resetting the selected fitting rule to Audiogram+

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