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Exam Preview

Empowering Patients to Pursue Hearing Health Part I

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1.  Which statement is true about patient-provider relationships?
  1. They are only marginally important
  2. They are foundational to good clinical care
  3. They have no impact on patient satisfaction
  4. They are not relevant for adherence to treatment plans
2.  What creates impactful testimonials?
  1. Stories about how you/your practice have helped change someone's life
  2. Data regarding the number of hearing aids your practice has fit
  3. The number of nice things people say about you/your practice
  4. The total number of testimonials available
3.  What should be included when counseling patients on the impact of hearing loss?
  1. The consequences of untreated hearing loss
  2. The comorbidities of hearing loss
  3. The possibility of fatigue and/or mood changes
  4. All should be included when counseling patients on the impact of hearing loss
4.  What is motivational interviewing?
  1. A method for tricking people into doing what you want them to do
  2. A method for changing the direction of a conversation to stimulate the patient's desire to change and instill the confidence to do so
  3. A technique for fitting hearing aids in a confident manner based on many years of experience
  4. A form of assessment feedback that stimulates an honest discussion about the expertise of the hearing professional
5.  What are two types of communication needs assessments for identifying individual hearing needs and goals?
  1. Subjective and Intentional
  2. Purposeful and Intentional
  3. Subjective and Objective
  4. Objective and Purposeful

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