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Collaborating with Pharmacists on OTC Hearing Aids, presented in partnership with the University of Pittsburgh

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1.  What is the current entry level degree for all pharmacists?
  1. B.S.
  2. Masters
  3. PhD
  4. PharmD
2.  The pharmacist's scope of practice is focused on _____________ & ____________ use of medications and OTC products.
  1. Safe, effective
  2. Careful, measured
  3. Tested, prescribed
  4. Judicious, careful
3.  The second step in the pharmacist’s patient care process is to ASSESS, which entails which of the following?
  1. Collecting blood samples
  2. Performing diagnostic measures
  3. Determining a patient’s candidacy for Self-Care
  4. Contacting referral sources
4.  McDonough’s Framework for Collaboration begins with which of the following?
  1. Professional Awareness
  2. Professional Recognition
  3. Exploration & Trial
  4. Professional Relationship Expansion
5.  In pharmacy language, hearing aid RED FLAGS are referred to as:
  1. FDA instructions
  2. Exclusions for self-care
  3. Refined customizations
  4. Behind-the-counter indications

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