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Exam Preview

TrueFit v5.4 Software Training

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1.  Which of these is a new feature intended to improve hearing in background noise?
  1. AntiShock
  2. HyperFocus
  3. Microphone mode
  4. None of these
2.  Which of these is a new feature to help reduce road noise?
  1. 360 conversation in car
  2. In situ audiometry
  3. HyperFocus
  4. None of these
3.  What accessories are compatible with Vivante hearing instruments?
  1. TV Connector, PartnerMic, uTV™3, and uDirect™3
  2. TV Connector, PartnerMic, Remote Control, and RogerDirect
  3. PartnerMic, uDirect 3, RogerDirect and TV Connector
  4. Remote Control, uTV 3, PartnerMic, uDirect 3
4.  What is the new 8th environment for the Premium Vivante technology level 9?
  1. Conversation in a small group
  2. Music
  3. Pinna Effect 2
  4. Conversation in loud noise
5.  Which of the following best describes Log It All?
  1. Customizes optional situation-specific programs
  2. Adjusts for comfort and clarity
  3. Captures real-life user data, reflecting current acoustic lifestyle
  4. All of the above

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