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Exam Preview

My Starkey App: Making Each Listening Moment With Genesis AI a Great One

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1.  The Home screen provides access to which of the following?
  1. Battery status, Smart Assistant, Edge Mode+, Programs, My Hearing
  2. Reminders, Translate and Transcribe
  3. Instructions for all features of Genesis AI
  4. Top 3 activities for the current day
2.  Which of the following statements about Learn is NOT correct?
  1. Learn is an interactive section designed to assist the Genesis AI wearer adjust to their aids and explore new features
  2. Learn includes "how to" lessons, videos, and articles
  3. Wearers cannot personalize content based on whether they are new to hearing aids or have worn hearing aids before
  4. Popular topics focus on content common to all users
3.  When available, Firmware Updates for Genesis AI hearing aids can be updated through which of the following?
  1. Programs tab
  2. My Hearing/My Settings/About My Hearing Aids
  3. Learn icon
  4. More/App Settings
4.  Which wireless protocol allows Starkey to stream information to both ears directly and simultaneously?
  1. Bluetooth v1
  2. Classic Bluetooth
  3. 5G
  4. Bluetooth Low Energy
5.  Which of the following must occur for Genesis AI hearing aids to be detected by the smart device and My Starkey app?
  1. The Data Log must be cleared in the hearing aids
  2. The phone must be powered off and on prior to pairing
  3. Bluetooth on the phone must be ON
  4. A streaming accessory must be paired with the hearing aids

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