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Exam Preview

Life is On with Roger On

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1.  Which of the following is a feature of the Roger On?
  1. NoiseBlock
  2. WhistleBlock
  3. MultiBeam 2.0
  4. None of these
2.  Which of the following is a feature that is useful for interview style usage?
  1. Pointing mode 2.0
  2. Windscreen protection
  3. The Don Lemon filter
  4. All of these
3.  Which of these individuals is a candidate for Roger technology?
  1. Individuals with Bursitis
  2. People with poor internet connectivity
  3. only individuals with negative middle ear air pressure
  4. Any person with measurable hearing who has difficulty in background noise or hearing at distances
4.  The myRoger app adjusts which of the following?
  1. Hearing aid noise reduction
  2. Microphone status
  3. MPO hearing aid settings
  4. None of these
5.  What is the biggest difference between MultiBeam Technology and MultiBeam 2.0 Technology?
  1. MultiBeam 2.0 gives the user a hint of from which height the sound is coming from
  2. MultiBeam 2.0 gives the user a hint where the sound is coming from
  3. MultiBeam 2.0 is active in 10 microphone beams.
  4. None of these

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