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Exam Preview

Research QuickTakes Volume 2: Identification and Management of Post-Fitting Hearing Aid Issues

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1.  In recent research, what percent of patients reported “no difference” when gain in the high frequencies was changed by 8 dB (both above and below programmed target gain)?
  1. 10%
  2. 20%
  3. 30%
  4. Greater than 50%
2.  In research with trainable hearing aids, when the subjects were fitted 6 dB below the NAL targets, they tended to train the hearing aids to:
  1. 3-4 dB above the NAL targets
  2. about equal with the NAL targets
  3. about 5-6 dB below NAL targets
  4. 10-12 dB below NAL targets
3.  Recent research which examined if acclimatization to hearing aid use might result in an improvement in patient’s SNR for a speech-in-noise test has generally found:
  1. 7-10 dB improvement in SNR
  2. 5-6 dB improvement in SNR
  3. 2-3 dB improvement in SNR
  4. No change in SNR following acclimatization
4.  An example of machine learning in modern hearing aids is:
  1. Modulation-based digital noise reduction
  2. Expansion
  3. Own voice processing
  4. Wide dynamic range compression
5.  During the home trial, it was determined that the Signia Assistant was used the most in this listening situation?
  1. Listening in quiet
  2. Listening in noise
  3. Listening in speech-in-noise
  4. Listening to music

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