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Research QuickTakes Volume 4: Debunking Some Beliefs About Fitting Hearing Aids

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1.  When conducting speech mapping, what is the clinically acceptable window of acceptance for the output from the desired target?
  1. +/- 1-2 dB
  2. +/- 5 dB
  3. +/- 8-10 dB
  4. +/- 12-15 dB
2.  When using an instant-fitting “closed” tip or dome, what would be the expected average leakage due to unintentional venting at 500 Hz?
  1. No leakage expected
  2. 1-2 dB
  3. ~5 dB
  4. ~10 dB
3.  Based on the Mueller et al (2021) study, when comparing different premier hearing aids all programmed for the same audiogram using the manufacturer’s default first-fitting, the largest difference in the resulting MPO was as much as _____ dB at some frequencies.
  1. 5 dB
  2. 10 dB
  3. 20 dB
  4. 30 dB
4.  According to research shown across products, what is signal classification system probably the best at classifying?
  1. Soft speech in quiet
  2. Average-level speech in quiet
  3. Loud speech in quiet
  4. Loud speech with music background
5.  Valente and colleagues (2019) showed that if one uses the manufacturer’s proprietary fitting method, what will be the average mistake (compared to the NAL-NL2) at 4000 Hz?
  1. 5 dB below target
  2. 10 dB below target
  3. 15 dB below target
  4. 20 dB below target

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