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Research QuickTakes Volume 6 (Pt. 2): Hearing Aid Fitting Toolbox - Verification and Validation

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1.  What is the recommended input signal for probe-mic verification?
  1. HCPs live voice
  2. ISTS
  3. Speech noise
  4. ICRA noise
2.  When probe-mic speech mapping is conducted, how many different input intensities are used to determine the “map?"
  1. Two
  2. Three
  3. Four
  4. Five
3.  What stimulus is recommended when function gain is used?
  1. Narrow-band noise
  2. Warble tones
  3. Pulsed pure tones
  4. Filtered speech
4.  What is the frequency range at the peak of the hearing aid occlusion effect?
  1. 200-300 Hz
  2. 800-1000 Hz
  3. 1500-2000 Hz
  4. 3000-4000 Hz
5.  Which self-assessment outcome measure samples seven different domains related to the use of hearing aids?
  1. COSI
  2. APHAB
  3. HHIE
  4. IOI-HA

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