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Exam Preview

Futureproofing Your Clinic: The Sony OTC Solution

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1.  What is the average age of a patient wearing Sony OTC hearing aids?
  1. 34 years old
  2. 59 years old
  3. 65 years old
  4. 78 years old
2.  Sony OTC Hearing Aids can be set up by the consumer using which type of phones/devices?
  1. Android phones only
  2. Any cellular or landline phone
  3. iOS devices only
  4. Both Android and iOS devices
3.  What level of prescription hearing aid technology can Sony OTC be compared to?
  1. Entry level hearing aid technology
  2. Mid level hearing aid technology
  3. High level hearing aid technology
  4. OTC hearing aids cannot be directly compared to performance levels of traditional hearing aids
4.  What safety features are built into the Sony OTC app during the set-up process?
  1. Severe hearing loss and asymmetry hearing warning
  2. There are no safety features
  3. No hearing detected warning
  4. Tinnitus warning
5.  Which of the following priorities indicates an eligible patient could be a good candidate for Sony OTC?
  1. Convenience
  2. Overall Value
  3. Occasional Use
  4. Any of the above

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