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Exam Preview

The Evolution of the My Starkey App: Delivering Benefits for Better Hearing and Beyond

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1.  What is made easier by using the My Starkey volume adjustments?
  1. A large volume wheel
  2. A volume push button on app
  3. A larger, bolder tick mark for enhanced visuals
  4. A red/blue slider for monaural volume adjustment
2.  In which program(s) is Geotagging locations available?
  1. Only Professional programs
  2. Only Custom programs
  3. Geotagging is not available
  4. Both Professional and Custom programs
3.  What Audio streaming options are available for Smartphone and Accessories found in the My Starkey app?
  1. For you
  2. Bass boost
  3. Treble boost
  4. Overall boost
  5. All of the above are true
4.  Notifications, when available, can be viewed on which My Starkey tab?
  1. Health
  2. More
  3. Home
  4. Learn
5.  What does Offline Mode turn off in the hearing aids while the My Starkey app will appear as if the devices are disconnected?
  1. Bluetooth radio
  2. Volume control
  3. Phone call
  4. TV streamer

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