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Exam Preview

Recommending Benefit-Focused Solutions from Widex

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1.  Which of the following is NOT a benefit?
  1. Real Time Speech Enhancer
  2. Less effort communicating in noise
  3. Easier understanding of soft speech
  4. Easier understanding of TV
2.  What is the number one ranked priority of hearing aid wearers today?
  1. Physical comfort
  2. Hearing soft/distant speech
  3. Hearing in noise
  4. Hearing on the phone
3.  Which is NOT a key attribute of natural sound?
  1. Pure
  2. Accurate
  3. Complete
  4. Size
4.  Which feature contributing to better hearing in noise can only be found in the Widex Moment 440?
  1. Real Time Speech Enhancer
  2. HD Locator
  3. Digital Pinna
  4. SmartWind Manager
5.  Which accessory can be used as a partner mic, conference mic, or for hands-free calling?
  1. COM-DEX
  2. Sound Assist
  3. RC-DEX
  4. TV PLAY

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