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Sound Solutions: Empowering Unilateral Hearing with Innovative Technologies

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1.  Per the American Academy of Audiology, how is unilateral hearing loss defined?
  1. Hearing loss that affects only one ear and can range from mild to profound
  2. Hearing loss in the bad ear
  3. Hearing loss bilaterally but worse in one ear
  4. Complete deafness
2.  Per the American Academy of Audiology, how is single sided deafness defined?
  1. A mild hearing loss in the worse ear
  2. Having one ear that is completely ineffective or has no useable hearing
  3. An ear that requires a cochlear implant
  4. Missing the outer pinna of an ear
3.  What is a potential disadvantage of having unilateral hearing loss?
  1. Reduced language vocabulary
  2. Speech therapy is required
  3. Reduction in reaction times
  4. Reduced spatial awareness
4.  What is unilateral hearing loss management and treatment dependent on?
  1. The degree of loss and the impact on quality of life
  2. Age of the patient
  3. Gender of the patient
  4. Whether they are a candidate for CROS or cochlear implants
5.  What are solutions for unilateral hearing loss?
  1. Threshold elevation therapy
  2. Cochlear implants, CROS technology, bone anchored hearing instruments
  3. CROS fit threshold rehab
  4. Eye glass hearing aids with cochlear implant attached

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