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Exam Preview

ReSound Government Services: ReSound Smart Fit 1.16 Fitting Essentials

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1.  ReSound Smart Fit prompts Calibration during the connection flow. Which feature does Calibration activate?
  1. Tinnitus Sound Generator
  2. Wind Guard
  3. DFS Ultra III (Digital Feedback Suppression)
  4. Impulse Noise Reduction
2.  In which red ribbon item can you adjust hearing aid volume?
  1. Patient
  2. Gain Adjustments
  3. Advanced Features
  4. Device Controls
3.  Which program is designed to support patients across multiple listening environments for an automated listening experience?
  1. All-Around
  2. Restaurant
  3. Front Focus
  4. Outdoor
4.  Where can you adjust noise reduction features?
  1. Gain Adjustments> Fine Tuning
  2. Advanced Features> Speech
  3. Advanced Features> Comfort
  4. Device Controls> Manual Controls
5.  Where can you configure Button Options?
  1. Gain Adjustments> Environmental Optimizer II
  2. Advanced Features> Speech
  3. Device Controls> Manual Controls
  4. Device Controls> Standard Beeps

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