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Marvel at the Possibilities

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1.  For unilateral CI recipients, which of the following is NOT a benefit of wearing a CROS device?
  1. Recipient can hear conversations around a table from both sides.
  2. Improves speech understanding in quiet and noise.
  3. Feeling less tired with improved ease of listening.
  4. Improved sound localization ability.
2.  Phonak CROS P-13 is compatible with which device?
  1. Neptune CI
  2. Naida CI Q 70
  3. Naida CI Q90
  4. Marvel CI
3.  Which of the following is NOT a benefit of Remote Programming?
  1. The recipient can conveniently meet their hearing care professional in a video appointment.
  2. Ability to perform an initial activation and fitting of a Marvel CI device remotely without ever being seen in the office.
  3. The recipient can participate in a programming appointment in their own environment, at home or at work.
  4. The recipient can save valuable travel time and cost.
4.  What turns the recipient’s smartphone into a wireless programming interface for Remote Programming?
  1. PartnerMic
  2. Roger
  3. AB Remote Support app
  4. Remote Control
5.  What is the name of the newest, enhanced version of fitting software from Advanced Bionics?
  1. Target CI 1.0
  2. Target CI 1.5
  3. Phonak Target 1.0
  4. SoundWave 2.0

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