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Innovations and Clinical Tools with AI from the National Acoustic Laboratories

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1.  How is speech development affected in children with hearing loss?
  1. Hearing loss affects all types of phonemes uniformly
  2. Vowels are least affected, while fricatives are most delayed
  3. Hearing loss mainly impacts vowel sounds
  4. No discernible impact on phoneme acquisition
2.  Which two traditional methods are described in the introduction for assessing speech intelligibility (SI) performance?
  1. Speech recognition
  2. Transcription and scale-based ratings
  3. Machine learning classification
  4. Speech acoustics analysis
3.  Where can a downloadable version of NALguide be found online?
  1. On the NAL website
  2. On any registered hearing provider website in Australia
  3. On the Australian Hearing Services Program website
  4. All of the above
4.  What is different about the interactive web version of NALguide compared with the PDF version?
  1. The web version contains less detail
  2. The web version contains more detail
  3. The web version allows you to compile selected features into a basket
  4. The web version provides suggestions for specific hearing aids and manufacturers
5.  How can NALguide be shared with others?
  1. Via web link or QR code
  2. Downloaded as a PDF for printing or email
  3. Professionally printed as a bound booklet
  4. All of the above

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