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1.  A>2 line deviation with head turns on dynamic visual acuity may suggest which of the following?
  1. The patient has significant unsteadiness
  2. The patient is still uncompensated
  3. The patient has a central vestibular impairment
  4. The patient has vision problems and needs to see an optometrist
2.  vHIT can be used to:
  1. Identify low frequency VOR impairments
  2. Identify high frequency VOR impairments
  3. Identify central oculomotor impairment
  4. Assess the otolith organs
3.  To grossly assess VOR suppression, the examiner must have the patient do which of the following?
  1. Look at the examiner’s nose while performing head turns
  2. Move their head from side to side in the dark
  3. Follow their finger or light while the head is turning from side to side
  4. Have a less than 2-line deviation on DVA
4.  The purpose of balance exercises is to help individuals with which of the following?
  1. Vestibular migraines
  2. Central vestibular impairments
  3. Visual-vestibular mismatch
  4. Unsteadiness
5.  VOR x1 exercises are provided to patients who present with which of the following?
  1. Uncompensated peripheral vestibular impairment
  2. Unsteadiness
  3. BPPV
  4. Central oculomotor impairments

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