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Exam Preview

Noise-Induced Hearing Disorders: Hidden and Not-So-Hidden Injuries, in partnership with American Auditory Society

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1.  Which of the following can be damaged by noise exposure?
  1. Outer hair cells
  2. Auditory neurons
  3. Reticular lamina
  4. All of the above
2.  Which of the following statements is false?
  1. There are species differences in vulnerability to noise injury
  2. Every noise exposure that results in a temporary threshold shift also results in permanent synaptic pathology
  3. Age related cochlear synaptopathy has been observed in human temporal bones
  4. Supra-threshold hearing deficits are a major patient complaint
3.  Which of the following is the most common clinical outcome measure inauditory clinical trials?
  1. Otoacoustic emissions
  2. Acoustic reflexes
  3. Audiogram
  4. Hearing in Noise
4.  Which of the following Clinical Trial phases is used to determine if an investigational drug has adverse side effects in healthy volunteers?
  1. Phase 1
  2. Phase 2
  3. Phase 3
  4. Phase 4
5.  Which of the following is the best recommendation for prevention of noise-induced hearing loss?
  1. There’s nothing you can do – NIHL is inevitable
  2. Take a daily multivitamin
  3. See your doctor for prescription medication
  4. Use hearing protection devices (earplugs, earmuffs) when in loud sound

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