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AudioStar Pro Updates for 2024

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1.  The AudioStar Pro FW allows you to do all of the following EXCEPT:
  1. Set internal wav file word limits
  2. Perform and score the Weber test
  3. See video otoscope images on the display screen
  4. Perform the ACT test
2.  The ACT test generates custom stimulus levels based on which of the following?
  1. The patient’s pure tone thresholds
  2. The patient’s MCL
  3. The patient’s UCL
  4. All ACT stimuli are the same level
3.  What does ACT stand for?
  1. Acoustic Contrast Threshold
  2. Audible Contrast Threshold
  3. Audible Contrast Theory
  4. Auditory Contrast Theory
4.  The patient’s results of the ACT test will assist in which of the following?
  1. Verifying that the pure tone thresholds are valid
  2. Confirming middle ear disorders
  3. Identifying malingerers
  4. Predicting aided speech in noise performance
5.  GSI Otoscope is compatible with which GSI product?
  1. GSI Cloud
  3. GSI AudioStar Pro
  4. GSI Suite

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