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Exam Preview

Understanding the Benefits of Ultra-Fast Processing on a Molecular Level

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1.  The effect of ultra-fast processing is especially evident in which type of earmoild/eartip coupling?
  1. Open earmold/eartip only
  2. Totally occluding earmold/eartip
  3. All types of earmold/eartip
  4. Vented (including open) earmolds/eartips
2.  Which phonemic feature is most affected by ultra-fast processing?
  1. Voice onset time
  2. Frication duration
  3. Nasality
  4. Plosive
3.  What does ITDG stand for?
  1. Interaural time delay gap
  2. Interaural temporal distortion gap
  3. Initial time delay gap
  4. Initial temporal distortion gap
4.  As it stands, the benefit of ultra-fast processing is likely seen in which group of hearing-impaired listeners?
  1. Mild hearing loss only
  2. Mild-to-moderate hearing loss only
  3. Moderate to severe hearing loss only
  4. Severe hearing loss only
5.  Which EEG response was described to illustrate the neural benefit of ultra-fast processing?
  1. Alpha response
  2. Auditory brainstem response wave V
  3. Envelope following response
  4. P1N1P2 response

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