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Unleashing the Power of Conversation

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1.  Which of the following statements is true regarding Integrated Xperience?
  1. It is able to directly stream to Apple products only
  2. Directional microphones are no longer needed
  3. OVP is no longer utilized
  4. Multiple focus streams lock onto and dynamically highlight each speaker’s voice amidst the noise
2.  What is NOT a feature available in the Pure C&G T IX hearing aids?
  1. CROS
  2. Single track processing
  3. Rechargeability
  4. Telecoil
3.  What approach is utilized by IX hearing aids to handle speech in noise?
  1. Broad focus only in noise
  2. Single track processing only in noise
  3. Narrow focus only in noise
  4. Multi-stream architecture built upon split processing in noise
4.  The new Multi-Charger is NOT compatible with what Signia product?
  1. Motion C&G X SP BTE
  2. Pure 312 AX RIC
  3. Styletto AX slim RIC
  4. Pure C&G T IX RIC
5.  What processing approach is implemented in the Integrated Xperience technology?
  1. Single track processing
  2. Split processing
  3. Split and single track processing
  4. None of the above

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