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Unique Opportunities for Hearing Screening: Insights from Hospital-Based Pilot Studies

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1.  Which one of the following was an objective of the pilot conducted in the geriatric rehabilitation center?
  1. Evaluate the feasibility of basic hearing screening in a geriatric tertiary care setting.
  2. Assess the prevalence of hearing loss in geriatric populations.
  3. Geriatric patients happiness score in their setting level.
  4. Evaluating the rehabilitations fall risk.
2.  What was deemed as a critical component of the “planning” for the pilot planning process?
  1. Clearly defined key performance indicators.
  2. Evaluating the staff for hearing loss.
  3. Identifying the setting
  4. Creating an equipment cleaning procedure.
3.  In the study conducted in the geriatric rehabilitation center, what percentage of patients were surprised by their results?
  1. 25%
  2. 35%
  3. 45%
  4. 55%
4.  In the study conducted in the geriatric rehabilitation center, hearing screening impacted physician behavior in what ways?
  1. They checked ears for wax and used pocket talkers
  2. They referred more patients to audiologists
  3. They shared patients hearing levels with the rest of their team
  4. All of the above
5.  What were the findings of the memory clinic study?
  1. Less than half of patients with loss indicated having hearing difficulty difficulty
  2. More than half of patients indicated family expressed concerns about hearing.
  3. Almost all patients believed hearing screening should be offered as part of the Memory Clinic visits
  4. Only a small proportion of patients were able to complete hearing screening.

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