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1.  Which of the following is a benefit of a comprehensive range of payment options?
  1. Patients can incur more debt
  2. Patients can go over their budgets
  3. Patients can achieve optimal outcomes and positively impact cash flow, revenue, and patient satisfaction
  4. Patients can improve their credit score
2.  Why is it is important to present financing options to patients?
  1. Patients are uneducated
  2. Patients don’t have the economic means
  3. Patient financing can empower more patients to get the care they need
  4. Patients rely only on insurance
3.  What is one benefit of installment loans?
  1. Installment loans provide predictable monthly payments with fixed interest rate and pay off date
  2. Installment loans don’t impact cash flow
  3. Installment loans have an impact on credit scores
  4. Installment loans have limited technology available to patients
4.  Which of the following is a true statement about patient payment preferences?
  1. Both can be the same for each patient
  2. Patients have different considerations and decision points along their hearing health journey
  3. Both rely on insurance
  4. Both are difficult to find
5.  Which of the following is a key benefit to the revolving CareCredit credit card?
  1. The card can be used again and again at more than 266,000 locations
  2. The card raises a patient’s credit score
  3. The card is accepted at all retail locations
  4. The card can only be used on a first purchase

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