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Closing the Audiology Gap

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1.  Where is the lack of hearing healthcare professionals an issue?
  1. It is an issue only in Minnesota
  2. It is an issue only in the United States
  3. It is a global issue
  4. There is no lack of hearing healthcare
2.  Why did Dr. Margolis include quality indicators in the results of AMTAS?
  1. As a method to interpret patients’ behavioral responses during the test
  2. To lengthen the test
  3. For calibration purposes
  4. There are no quality indicators
3.  Which two things separate AMTAS from other self-hearing tests?
  1. Phone storage and headphones
  2. Calibration and validation
  3. Internet connection and calibration
  4. All self tests are the same
4.  Dr. Margolis developed AMTAS for clinician efficiency, and realized that it can also be used for which of the following?
  1. To get rid of audiologists
  2. To sell more hearing aids
  3. To avoid seeing patients
  4. To increase access to hearing healthcare
5.  Increasing access to hearing tests in remote or rural areas and being able to obtain audiometric data without an audiologist present are:
  1. Methods for getting rid of audiologists
  2. Methods for closing the audiology gap with automated audiometry
  3. Methods for obtaining OTC hearing aids
  4. Unattainable goals

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