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Exam Preview

Starkey: No Rest for the Best

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1.  What NW styles are available utilizing the Starkey Neuro Processor?
  1. IIC only
  2. CIC only
  3. ITC and ITE
  4. IIC and CIC
2.  What is the name of Starkey’s new premium line of custom NW products?
  1. Signature Series
  2. Custom Cased
  3. IIC Series
  4. Genesis Custom
3.  The Inertial Measurement Units are used for activity tracking, fall detection/alerts and what new signal processing tool?
  1. Speech in Loud Noise
  2. Motion-based adaptations
  3. Compression
  4. eSTAT 2.0
4.  What signal processing feature is now available on the Signature Series CIC R NW and CIC NW via the push button?
  1. Fall Alert
  2. Frequency Lowering
  3. Edge Mode+
  4. Stream Boost
5.  When streaming, the Edge Mode+ icon in the My Starkey apps becomes what icon/option?
  1. My Hearing
  2. Streamboost
  3. Adjust Sound
  4. Programs

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