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One Sorenson: Suite of Services

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1.  What is Sorenson’s main mission?
  1. To provide global language services and human-centric services to connect people across signed and spoken languages through interpreting and captioning solutions.
  2. To provide amplified handset
  3. To provide speaker phones
  4. To provide captioned call services to the those with hearing loss
2.  Of the following services offered by CaptionCall by Sorenson, which provides a Smart-Phone captioning solution “on-the-go"?
  1. CaptionCall Mobile
  2. Video Remote Interpreting
  3. On-site Interpreting
  4. CART Real-time captioning
3.  In addition to CaptionCall IPCTS, Sorenson offers all of the solutions below, EXCEPT for which one?
  1. Video Relay
  2. Sign Language Interpreting
  3. CART Captioning
  4. Language Translation
4.  What solutions does Sorenson Communications offer?
  1. Personal use only
  2. Business enterprise use
  3. Personal and Business
  4. English speakers only
5.  Sorenson offers captioning and transcription solutions which include all of the following EXCEPT?
  1. Closed & Open Captions
  2. Subtitles
  3. Transcription
  4. Translation

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